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Come Take a Spin…

Rides depart from different Park Ridge locations; details are below. See Speeds for approximate pace and Rules & Etiquette for key guidelines. To receive our weekly ride times, head to the Join Us page.


The weekend A/B groups rides start Saturday and Sunday at 6–8 am, depending on the season. Times emailed on Thursdays. Meet at the Pickwick Theatre, 5 S Prospect Ave. In good weather, we complete a 55-mile loop — usually to Lake Bluff — in 3 to 3½ hours, plus one rest stop. A and B groups vary by speed, not distance, and start together or separately, depending on the wishes of those present. Looking for fellow "B" riders? Ask at the pre-ride talk. En route, we muster at regular points like Glencoe beach, Fort Sheridan, or Commercial Ave in Northbrook. Typically, some head home from these stops, so riders needing a shorter route will find company. These points are the preferred locations for a different-paced group to communicate its plan to separate. On poor-weather days, our default route, is a 1-hour "Costco loop" to Glenview (see Routes).

The weekend C ride (now in year 2!) is slower than the A/B groups but longer than the Monday Social Ride. We began the spring at 22 miles and have built up to routes of 30-ish miles, with occasional, optional longer days. No group riding experience needed. We emphasize safe roads, sticking together, and getting comfortable in groups and on streets. Drop bar, flat bar, e-bike... Lycra, cotton, wool... all welcome! Routes often cross the North Branch trail, allowing a safe shortcut home should a rider so desire. Pickwick Theatre, Saturday about 7:30 am. On Sunday when required by weather. Exact time noted in the Thursday email.

Weekdays, a few riders depart the Pickwick promptly at 5:45 am for a Costco loop. Attendance varies; Wednesdays are most popular. Pace varies, too, but typically resembles the weekend "A" group. Drop ride. No leader or sweeper. Want morning company but need a different start time? Message us using the Join Us page

Monday Social Rides depart summer evenings at 6:15 pm in front of the Park Ridge library, 20 S Prospect Ave. A 1-hour loop into Glenview. Two speed options. Newcomer? Start here! Rides often end at Beer on the Wall or Harp & Fiddle (both on Main St.) for those who wish to grab dinner or a drink. Rides run June 3 to Sept 9 (first Monday after Memorial Day to the first one after Labor Day). For September rides, bring front and rear lights.

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