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Come Take a Spin…

Rides depart from different Park Ridge locations; details are below. See Rules & Etiquette for key guidelines. To receive our brief, weekly ride announcements, head to the Join Us page.


Weekend starts are emailed on Fridays. Depending on sunrise, they're typically 6–8 am. Meet at the Pickwick Theatre, 5 S Prospect Ave. In good weather, the A/B groups complete a 55-mile loop — most often to Lake Bluff — in 3 to 3½ hours, plus one rest stop. We muster en route at regular points like Glencoe beach or Fort Sheridan. Typically, some head home from these stops, so riders preferring a shorter route can find company on the way back. These points are the best locations for a different-paced group to communicate its plan to separate. Our shortest route, for poor-weather days, is a 1-hour "Costco loop" to Glenview (see Routes). We talk briefly at the Pickwick and start together, or as separate A & B groups, depending on the wishes of those present. Good road etiquette applies regardless. See Speeds for approximate pace.

—> NEW FOR 2023!  Park Ridge Cycling is trying a weekend "C" ride, slower than the A/B groups but longer than the Monday Social Ride. We started with 22 miles and will build over the summer to routes of 30-ish miles. The emphasis is safe roads, sticking together, and getting everyone more comfortable on streets. No group riding experience needed! See Speeds for approximate pace.


Weekdays, a few riders depart the Pickwick promptly at 5:45 am for a Costco loop. Attendance varies; Wednesdays are most popular. Pace varies, too, but typically resembles the weekend "A" group. Drop ride. No leader or sweeper. Want morning company but need a different start time? Message us using the Join Us page

Monday Social Rides depart summer evenings at 6:30 pm in front of the Park Ridge library, 20 S Prospect Ave. A 1-hour loop into Glenview. Two speed options. Newcomer? Start here! Rides often end at Beer on the Wall or Harp & Fiddle (both on Main St.) for those who wish to grab dinner or a drink. Rides run June 5 to Sept 11 (first Monday after Memorial Day to the first one after Labor Day). For September rides, bring front and rear lights.

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