Spring Cycle Camp
in Helen, Georgia

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We welcome you and cycling friends to join us.

Since 2005 we have been returning to the Bavarian-themed town of Helen, located in the North Georgia mountains, for 4-6 days of early-season road cycling. Typically, the group is 16–22 friendly cyclists (men & women) with various capabilities. 2022 dates were April 24–28.

Why Georgia? The cars are few and the tarmac is smooth. Weather in the 60s (sometimes warmer). Fantastic hill country with 1,500'–2,500' climbs over ridges ("gaps"). Expect to ride 30–70 miles daily with multiple stops (usually lunch). Usually there are 2–3 groups by capability (speed & distance). We do not have a sag vehicle but, if necessary, we can coordinate a pickup. Scroll down for typical routes.


Lodging is at the Hampton Inn, where we reserve a block at a discounted rate. Breakfast included. Estimated daily costs: $45 meals, $60 room (shared room). Round-trip gas from Park Ridge to Helen: $100 (shared). Most rideshare the 12-hour drive (700 miles) with bikes.


  • Log 500 miles prior to departure

  • Be comfortable riding in groups

  • Riders only

  • Bike in good repair with good brakes (shameless plug here for our LBS, Wheel & Sprocket)

  • Minimum gearing 34x29 (You will be using all your gears.)

  • Tools, tires, tubes, floor pump & cleaning supplies (no local bike shops)

  • Nutrition bars & gels

  • Gear for sun, rain & cold

  • Casual attire

  • Well-stocked market nearby hotel for sandwiches, snacks, beverages

New to riding hills or multi-day bike trips? The Georgia climbs are tough, but we're riding, not racing. With adequate winter prep, you may be surprised how much more you can ride when free of life's daily responsibilities.

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Typical routes

Lake Rabun–Clarksville–Batesville

Lake Burton–Hiawassee–Owl Creek–Unicoi



Summit of Hogpen Gap–Secret Handshake—
Wolfpen Gap